Here at Randall Klein Design we also offer in house reupholstery services to recreate your existing furniture. It can be hard to let go of your high quality furniture if all it needs is fabric, foam and filler to feel new again. Whether you are renovating your home and are in need of a new colour scheme or simply a new foam core in seats and frame we are happy to help. With nearly 500 fabrics to choose from and the help of our experienced upholsterers we can take your existing furniture and recreate it as if it was brand new. Below will be an outline of the process for inquiring about reupholstery services.

Reupholstery Process 

The first step in the reupholstery process would be to take a number of photos of the piece that needs to be altered or redone. From there we would need the dimensions for the outside height, depth, and length of the piece to assist us in sorting out the overall size. If you require new foam in the seats we also ask you take the dimensions for the individual cushions as well. After the photos and the dimensions have been taken you can either bring them into our showroom  at 445 Nightingale Ave or email them to us at Once you visit our showroom you can browse from our selection of fabrics and foam you wish to have your furniture reupholstered with. If everything suits your needs and you would like to proceed we can process the paperwork with an initial deposit and sort out a mutually convenient time to have the work done in our back workshop. Once the furniture is completed we will notify you with a phone call or an email to set up a date for the final payment and pickup for your newly upholstered furniture.

Leather reupholstery: 

If you are in need of leather reupholstery services please contact us via email at where we can provide you with the contact information for a leather specialist.

General inquirires:


phone: 519 – 452 – 1910